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Anchored on the hill of Carthage

In a currently lived mythology, at the heart of the archaeological park, Villa Dido is open to its new destiny.

A mythical hotel, breathing forth fresh energy, designed in an entirely modern fashion, yet not all oblivious of the murmur of ancient stones. These tell of how in ancient times, at the beginning of the previous century, it was called Hotel Saint Louis, named after the neighboring cathedral.

A small hotel with the architecture of houses built in the French colonial times, it outlived several generations, and bears witness to a variety of joys, but which remains as ever the place where the heart of the Queen city beats.

Source of inspiration

A place engraved in history

Poets, historians and aesthetes sought it out for the calm serenity and the evocative power it exuded. Night owls once haunted "Les caves du Roy" which he turned into a hotbed of Carthaginian nights.

Gourmets and the curious who were faithful to ancient recipes frequented its tables to relish the Carthaginian dinners which were prepared there. Then its doors were closed and it awaited its new fate.


Inspired directly by the Carthaginian spirit

The "Observatory" designed customized lighting, drawing different spaces and atmospheres.

Rachid Koraïchi was invited to add his personal touch: he brightened the lobby with sumptuous silk banners in the colors of the four seasons, and punctuated the “Zen” terraces enameled with stelae restoring a reinvented calligraphy and recomposed its esoteric signs.

Between the Sea & the Green Landscape

A Garden blending the ancient with the contemporary

The entire Villa Dido is set in a suspended Carthaginian garden where ancient and contemporary construction processes blend together, and for which we have chosen essences that flourished in ancient Carthage: olive trees, palm trees, cypresses, vines, orange trees, lavender and bougainvillea.

The adjoining archaeological park constitutes its natural continuity.

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Mendès France Street, 2016 Carthage Byrsa